FEB 9th – Race Against Time

Time has certainly been on our side and our trades have been making gains for several weeks now. That said, Nothing lasts forever, so as we move forward we do begin to think about where we are in the stream of time. We are basically racing against time, but I am not concerned yet.  I will discuss this briefly now and a bit more in the weekend report.  Lets review the markets.

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Feb 8th – Still Chillin

I find that I'm still not making any changes to my thinking since the weekend report. Let's review the markets.


SPX - I'm watching the green trend line, and that will let me know when the general markets are ready to drop into a dcl.  Even though we do have a break out, the SPX has basically moved sideways since early December.

SPX WKLY from my weekend report. I'm not expecting a strong continuation higher before we roll over.

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Feb 7th – She Caught On Fire

Look at a chart of SPX, DJIA, or even OIL and nothing has changed from the weekend report, so we are going to go right to the Precious Metals sector for a review of Mondays action.


Notice that the USD was moving higher for most of the day on Monday, but that didn't hinder the gradual melt up that took place all day long in Precious Metals,  right into the close.

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