And They’re Off!

Today we'll discuss some important developments that took place in the markets after the Fed decision yesterday...

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FOMC WEDNESDAY DEC 13th – Ready To Go?

Are you ready? I would have to say that everybody and the markets have been expecting a quarter % rate hike today, so we shouldn't really get any surprises, but let's take a look and prepare for what might be coming our way.  We had Part 1 &2 in Precious Metals, and that showed us A LOT! Now, how do we get ready for what is to come? Let's discuss this next...


SPX - The Markets have continued as expected, we'll see how they react to what should be an expected quarter rate hike.  There is a gap down at the 10sma, so that is an area to possibly be aware of.

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December 12th – PRECIOUS METALS PART 2

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