Oct 17th – No Bull About It

Let's talk about the Miners. We were expecting them to be weak and struggle early on out of the recent dcl.   Monday was interesting...

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OCT 14th Weekend Report

For the weekend reports, I am trying to cover all of the sectors and point out where we are in time and what we are looking for in the big picture. During the week, I focus mainly on things like stock picks , trade set ups, day to day progress and expectations for the various sectors near term.  In some cases, when advantageous, I'll  cover daily charts in the weekend report too. This weekend I will do a little of both.  Let's take a look at our Big Picture expectations.


SPX DAILY - We are running late in this daily cycle, so it is due for a dip into a dcl. The markets have been very bullish and buyers have bought each 1 day dip lately.  Now -  Look at the Last week of July & the First week of August.  We may have a similar formation now, however a POP in any direction can take place first. Trailing stops work the best here.

Weekly charts ...

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Fridays Trading

Friday - The final trading day of the week.  Today I want to cover Oil, Natgas, Gold & The Miners, and some trade set ups.

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