Thursday January 19th- I Don’t Think So

I'm looking at the General markets and I'm rather neutral going into the U.S.  inauguration.  The Markets rallied very strongly when Trump was announced the winner of the U.S. elections in November, so they could break higher and rally again, but let me point out a couple of bearish signs now.

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Jan 18 – The Road To Greater Heights

We'll discuss the theme after a quick review


There was no real change in the General Markets from the weekend report, however the USD did move as expected. In the weekend report I mentioned that I see weakness in the USD chart. It broke below the 50sma Monday. We can get a bounce in time, but I expect the USD to continue to roll over, as noted in the weekend report.

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Jan 14 – 3 Day Weekend In The US Markets

It has been a great start to 2017, with various sectors bullishly marching higher and plenty of trade ideas to profit from.  For now it is time to relax on a 3 day weekend and just review where we find ourselves after last weeks trading.


VIX - I do like certain things about the set up of the General Markets, but the VIX is about as low as it gets before the General Markets form temporary tops. I don't use the VIX to time a market top or bottom exactly, but it does often warn of volatility to come.  When the VIX hits the 11 area, we are alert to a possible top forming soon.

So let's look at the SPX ..

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