Tuesday July 17th


This is a chart that I put in my report last Tuesday.  The Financials ( Banks) were set to start reporting earnings, and this actually looked pretty good.  Take note of the POP last Monday to the 50sma.

Lets take a look at the financials this week...

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July 14th – Let’s Go, I’m Ready Already!

I'm sure that by now, you are ready too!  Well, I have some good news on the 'Waiting for an ICL in Gold' part, but first let's cover all of the markets, including something very interesting that I noticed about The EEM.  To The Charts!!

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Friday July 13th – Almost There

Today is Friday the 13th, the last trading day of the week.  No, I am not superstitious, and the things that we have been watching unfold seem to almost be complete.  Let's take a look...

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