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Christy Thompson

Wow Alex.  I’m just amazed at how you manage to bring such a bright and easy going style to stock charts.  Your explanations are real, honest, and simple to follow.  I just love how you manage to break it down for us.  Keep up the amazing work, I’m so glad to have found you.

Christy ThompsonAlberta, Canada
Charles Freeman

You keep amazing me everyday, Alex.  Someone had mentioned you on another blog as a must read everyday and they were not wrong.  I just can’t believe how you’re able to sniff out a move before it happens, often on fairly obscure stocks that nobody would have guessed.  But unlike others who post after the fact, you provide real setups, sometimes days before they go crazy.  You’re not always right, but at least you’re modest and humble, pointing out where a chart failed and always showing people what to watch out for and where to place stops.  Kudos…you’re one of a kind!

Charles FreemanPittsburgh, PA

I’ve had the chance to watch Alex work in real-time over the past 5 years, and he has a remarkable ability to catch important turns in the market as they happen.

There’s no hype, no ego, none of the usual revisionist history that marks many market commentators — just very entertaining, astute on-the-money technical analysis. He’s a winner.

DavidLos Angeles, CA
Fred S.

I was drawn to ChartFreak not by its clever logo, online ads, or well-written advertising emails, but purely by the objectivity, succinctness, and most importantly successes of ALEX’s many real-time chart setups.  In addition, he goes out of his way to ‘update’ and share as many of his watch list of stocks as well as explaining his rationale. All in all, a great educational and profitable experience. Eagerly awaiting for subscription or premium service in hope for a privy of his recommendations in real time (or before the general public!)

Fred S.Riverside, CA

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Weekend of April 8th- Bottom Of The Ninth?


 In baseball, the simple call that this is " The Bottom of the Ninth' means that the game has entered the  second part of the ninth and final inning.  Unless there is another rally that extends the game, we reach The end of that game.  For the team worried about going home with losses, it is the beginning of the end, unless this final opportunity provides a winning rally ( or  at least extends the game into extra innings).

  Could the General Markets be nearing that time? I'm not necessarily talking about THE TOP, but maybe the end of this winning run and a consolidation period would follow?  Maybe, lets discuss this further.


 In my last  'Weekend Report' we took a deeper look at the 'Big Picture', because we had additional views to examine at the end of March.  This gave us not only a weekly view , but also the end of the months Monthly view, and also a Quarterly view. I went over that report today and it did point out that behind the beauty, cracks appeared.  This week the cracks continued, and though I do not think that necessarily signals  The End of the Bull Markets season, We could be in the Bottom of the Ninth for this run.  Let's look at our Big Picture View...


SPX DAILY - This is our daily cycle count, with the most recent low of the SPX still at day 34, and it looks like we have a dcl when it closed over the 10sma.  Could that change? Unless buyers step in on Monday, I'd say that another 'shake out' dip below the 200sma is not out of the question into day 40 + and here is why I say that...

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And More Feedback:

Bill Howe


Love your charts and analysis. As a struggling trader you’ve really helped me understand when to get into a trade and what a favorable setup looks like. I appreciate the time you put into your reports. Keep up the good work. I made a nice profit off your recent recommendation of US STEEL.

Bill HoweChicopee, MA
Steve Tytler

I have been following Bob Alexander’s’ trades for several years.  His track record is amazing! Alex has an uncanny ability to see patterns in stock charts that most others miss. He buys bottoms when others are panic selling and gets out when stocks are topping.  Is he always right?  Of course not.  But his winners far outnumber his losers.  Alex is hands down one of the best stock traders I know.  I recommend him very highly.

Steve TytlerSeattle, WA