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Rest up this weekend, and we'll review the markets and the action that we can expect as things move forward.  I'm really loving the way the Precious Metals markets are setting up for example, so far very much as expected.  Lets just get right into it and take a look at our markets...


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It is Friday, the last trading day of the week, so let's review a couple of points of interest in the Markets, and then discuss a few more stock picks.


USD - The USD is heading toward resistance, but it can continue a bit higher.  I will discuss this further in the weekend report.


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Thursday May 17


NASDAQ - I mentioned months ago that it looked like we could be starting a consolidation period  ( or a topping process) in the General Markets.   You can see that we are doing just that.  I also mentioned that it is possible that individual stocks may do well, so we will briefly discuss some individual stocks later in the report.  Also if this, over time,  breaks out to new highs, it would be very bullish.



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May 12th Weekend Report

Let's review our market activity for the week.  After enduring a lot of choppiness in various Market Sectors recently, this was a week of change, with out prior reports discussing 'crossing the line' and 'Follow through'.   Let's take a look...


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How About Some Friday Follow Through

Yesterdays report was entitled  "Cross That Line", and the markets did just that!  They crossed the lines that we were looking at,  so I figured that it wouldn't hurt to name Fridays report, "How about some Friday follow through", to see if they would accommodate again.

Let's take a look at how accommodating  the market action was yesterday...


SPX - SPX crossed the line, breaking the down trend.


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May 10th – Cross That Line



SPX - The General Markets are shaping up and as mentioned in yesterdays report- I expect the SPX to cross this line.  That is ( at least short term) A bullish break out from a down trend. We also have been watching this triangle formation.


And this is why I mentioned that I would expect a break higher...

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