March 16th – Weekend Bigger Picture Review

Let's discuss the bigger picture for the Markets, after a great week of trading...

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March 15th – Watch For ‘Cracks’

Financial market movements can be erratic on days when options and futures contracts expire, especially on Triple Witching Friday.  Today is that day. Along with that,  I want to point out a couple of 'Cracks' that may be appearing in various parts of the Markets. When cracks begin to show up, it is good to take note and use a little more caution, because the strength of what is supporting things may give way. Let's take a look...


SPX -  The SPX is at resistance, as mentioned in prior reports.  I also said that it could get choppy from here...

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Thursday March 14th- Good Trading


SPX - The SPX ran up to that resistance line and pulled back.  I mentioned that this might become choppy in my last report.   We'll see.

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