I dont want to spend a lot of time discussing the SPX, DOW JONES, NASDAQ, ETC  when you can just look back at the weekend report and see that not much has changed in the bigger picture.  Instead I want to run through a bunch of bullish looking charts.  Oddly,  it seemed that in almost every sector that I went through on Monday, Bullish set ups  were there. Lets view about 30 charts from various sectors and discuss a few of them.

VJET-  3 D Stocks have bullish set ups.  For traders , this is a low risk entry above the 50sma.



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Keeping An Eye On Things

This was a great week of trading. Oil broke out and  all of our energy stocks put in some strong gains as expected.  My call in NATGAS played out exactly as outlined , and this could play out nicely for traders this week too.  Lets look at some charts and see how things went in other sectors too , and what we might expect moving forward.


SPX - I have been showing a bearish rising wedge pattern, like in my April 10 chart.  We had more upside, but then the markets did start selling off Friday.  Is that it?

SPX 4-10

 I also want to show you something else.

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SO far our ENERGY picks have been right on target.   What I was looking for in Natgas for the past few weeks has also taken place perfectly.  Gold & Miners? We'll discuss that too, but first lets quickly review the Equity Markets.


SPX is really in a tight spot. It needs to break higher soon. Will we get a pullback and a surge in commodities?

  SPX 4-15

Does the NASDAQ look any different? There certainly was no shortage of break outs in Tech yesterday...

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