Wednesday Feb 1st – Fake Or Real?

There were a lot of interesting moves in the markets Tuesday. Today is Fed Wednesday, so we shall soon find out which ones may have been fake moves and which ones may be real. Let's take a look at a few of these moves...

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Let's discuss Monday and keep in mind that we are closing in on the FOMC meeting Wednesday.


SPX FROM THE WEEKEND REPORT - After the break out the VIX was below 11!  I expected that we could get a drop and not a continuation higher for now.

I posted this in the comments section near 11 a.m.,  the VIX was popping and the markets were dropping.  This looked like the markets could be rolling over going into the Fed Meeting.

SPX END OF THE DAY -  Then the markets reversed and put in a pretty big reversal candle. It recovered back to the consolidation highs, but it was still down 14 points. The jury is still out, but anyone that jumped in long at the break out or short as the day sold off have both been schooled a bit. The school of volatility.

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Weekend Post- Progress Report

This is our weekend wrap up, and I really like what I am seeing. This is a long report with a good amount of discussion and about 30 charts, enjoy.


SPX - The General Markets broke out as expected, but we have yet to see follow through.

Let me show you something interesting ...

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