Just a quick update of what we at Chartfreak were looking for with Oils recent plunge. . OIL – Nov 20th, I was telling my readers that I would be watching for a break above the 8 ema, to make a safe entry at a swing low.  Each pause sideways was breaking down  ( Bear […]

Let Me Show You Something about Gold (& the Miners)

  LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING ABOUT GOLD (Below is a sample of Alex’s work from the week. ) . 1. GOLD  MONDAY – Above the 50sma, it looked hopeful and Bullish on Monday, even though this was the start of the 3rd daily cycle. 2. GOLD TUESDAY  –  This was Gold closing under the […]

What? Huh, Oil? Who said something about Oil?

(Below is a sample of Alex’s works from the past week.)  These past few weeks have been extremely frustrating for a lot of traders out there.  So many are getting chopped up and setups that look promising one day, fail the next. There is something that many traders don’t want to hear, especially ones just […]