The Warning Signs Were There

(Below is a snippet of Alex’s work from the last week and the major US Indexes) We all saw the major decline in the US Indexes and equities on October 10th. Were you prepared or caught off guard? From Thursday October 4th: NASDAQ –  Each morning I wake up and Futures are a lot higher, […]

A Golden Bull?

Below is a snippet of Alex’s work from the past few days and his coverage of Gold.   (From Saturday) 2 BULLISH SIGNS IN GOLD LAST WEEK . 1. The USD was higher, GOLD, SILVER  & MINERS were not phased by it. 2. Remember that last week was known as the Chinese Golden Week, a […]

Golden Surprise

GOLD DAILY – Gold put in a reversal on Friday. Look at the steep drop of the last 3-4 weeks, but my propitiatory indicators are not dropping. That is BULLISH, we should be at or close to the lows.