Pops And Drops

The Markets were ripping higher, and we enjoyed that ride for months too, along with the Bull Run in precious metals,  but the question is, “Were Chartfreak readers warned or even prepared in any way for the large drop that we got as this week started?”  The answer is Yes, we got a sell signal […]


I want to open my recent Big Picture Review report to the Public. The following is a partial report of what I showed my readers a few days ago. Enjoy!

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Dec 24th – Gold

Hello and welcome back to Chartfreak. It has been a while since I did a public post, so what have we been busy with? While we have traded a variety of trade set ups, like AMD, MU, ENPH, VSLR, and other stocks like it in the General Markets, but we have also been watching the Precious Metals Sector very closely. Why? Well we caught the lows in May and rode many Miners higher into September. Some stocks like EGO, SBGL, HMY, DRD, etc doubled and tripled. After a strong rally, you often get a top and a consolidation period, so we exited leverage in August and sold many Miners in September, anticipating a consolidation period and then another strong run higher. Some individual Miners are still running nicely, like SBGL, SVM, HL, CDE, etc, so we continued to trade those, but we have been watching the correction in GDX, GDXJ, SILJ, etc closely, and I wanted to share what I am seeing now.

Monday Gold pushed a bit higher and it has closed above the 50 sma. On what would normally be a light volume week of holiday trading, GDX pushed away from the 50 sma with decent volume. We now wonder: "Is Gold about to rocket higher?" As mentioned, we have been anticipating that possibility for weeks as the sector churns sideways. The Bullish action in Miners on Monday seems to indicate that it is time to go higher and that this consolidation period will end soon.

Let's just take a look at some of the recent charts from past reports along with the current set ups, and discuss further what we have been looking for.

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