Precious Metals – Alive Or Dead?

Precious Metals - Alive Or Dead

I see a lot of people have started absolutely hating Precious Metals and Miners in recent weeks, and that is understandable.  Gold, Silver, and the Miners have taken a dive, especially since the recent Election results in the U.S.  They cannot seem to catch a bid, and each reversal just doesn't seem to stick, even though Oil and Metals like Steel, Aluminum, and Copper rocketed higher. 

We have to ask: Is the Bull dead or Alive in this sector?


Here at Chartfreak, we have been discussing this extensively throughout the past several weeks.  I'd like to open up a portion of the weekend report from Dec 4th, along with a few charts from earlier reports, to show how we have been monitoring these areas.  Enjoy.

As of Nov 18th,  GDX was already at an important Fib retracement of 61.8%, so we looked for the sell off to stop in this area.

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Have you ever been driving along using your GPS and you decide that maybe you're going to take a short cut to your destination?  The GPS detects that you have left the designated course and immediately needs to compensate by announcing, "Recalculating Route!".  Well last week sectors of the markets took sharp detours right after the elections. Using over 50 charts, this weekend report will discuss the road we find ourselves on now.


SPX - Nov 1st , Expecting a trade-able  ICL, maybe in the 2070 area.



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