October 4th – Good Energy

Lets take a look at what appears to be some good energy.



As expected, Oil is following through to the upside. Sitting near the August highs, it could form a handle on this mini cup , or it may just power higher to the June highs.

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Our recent weeks of trading have had a lot of sideways chopping action.  My last report discussed how that was ending in Oil, and I think that the choppy action is about to end in the general markets too. Lets go to the charts.


SPX - As price approaches an Apex we should see a nice break out and run. There is a lot of pressure built up in this consolidation. A break down could get ugly fast, but this leans bullishly at this point.


SPX WKLY - This looks similar to the 2011 sell off, break out and back test in 2012.

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Window Of Opportunity

Lets talk about the current window of opportunity


WTIC - Wednesday I said that this break out looked legit.


WTIC -  And Thursday we saw follow through, but...


This is what I really want you to see ...

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