Just a quick update -

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If you have been trading certain Biotech stocks, the markets have been exciting, but if you're watching for a directional move in many other areas? Its been a little boring, maybe a little frustrating. Lets look at the charts...


SPX - Sideways for most of 2015 really.  Frustrating for many.  Give me a break (out or down please) 🙂

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The Health of The Markets

This weekends report will show what the Charts have to say about the health of various markets.  Just like any living breathing thing, we can go from healthy to sick , from strong to weak and visa versa. What we will see can change, but this is what I am seeing at this point, based on the charts ...


The DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE - Selling down with a MACD cross, volume picked up on Friday

DJIA 5-29

So lets look at the DJIA WKLY chart...

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