Weekend Approaching

I wanted to write this late day report for 2 important reasons-

1. You've been filling up the comments section on the last report, so I thought you needed a fresh space to write in  🙂

2. Even thought things are still playing out pretty much  as expected in certain areas, this is just a reminder about being able to sleep over the weekend.


Lets do a quick review...

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Searching For Clues

 Wednesdays Fed Meeting went off without a hitch. Sometimes the following day can get a little volatile, so Lets look at some clues within the market moves and see if things look normal or sketchy


SPX-  bounced off of the 200sma and now has good follow through above the 50sma.  I would expect a possible break above the recent highs

SPX 7-29  

You cant help but notice that the markets have been basically going sideways all year. Will they break out here and just start a nice rally?  Here is an interesting clue...

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Keeping in mind that anything can happen on Fed Wednesday,  Lets look at some Pre-Fed Charts and a few possibilities.


SPX - Nice reversal at the 200sma.   It look like it wants to go higher, but can it finally break to new highs?

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