Release The Minutes!

The Fed Minutes are scheduled to be released today. At times like this, we sometimes get a glimpse of what was behind the recent decision on interest rates.  Is inflation starting to creep in? Just how divided or united were the Fed members when it came to timing for rate hikes,  etc. Lets take a look at the charts and cycles and see if we can glean some idea of what could happen after the Fed Minutes are released.


SPX - HMMM, This daily cycle peaked very early  (day 8), and today is day 21. There are false break downs and shake outs in life, but this should be viewed as a warning sign. Why? I see a left translated daily cycle breaking down with maybe 10 more days to go.  I see more room to drop on the stochastics, and a weak RSI.  The Fed minutes could sink this ship or perform a miracle 'shake out' type move and a recovery, but this is a bearish set up the way I see it at this point.

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Tired Of Waiting?

If you have been investing and trading for years, no doubt there are times that you find it is best to wait for that 'Fat Pitch', but not always so easy. Well the good news is, I can see that a real low risk buying opportunity is fast approaching, so lets discuss that again in todays report after a quick review of the markets...

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Gathering The Goods

Another week of choppy trading, but there is a lot to talk about this weekend.  It may be time to start gathering the goods, so lets get right to the charts.


SPX - More of the same, Capped at the 50sma and L.T. ( left Translated) so far, it still needs to break one way or the other. Markets do not like indecision, and maybe this is what we get until after the elections. Please read the chart.

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