So Much Going On, It’s Hard To Know Where To Start – Dizzying!

I've started this report a few times and there is so much going on, that I found it difficult to explain everything that I see, so I'm just going to cut to the chase and try to show basically what I am observing in various markets and what the possible implications could be.  Lets start again with the general markets.  SPX, QQQ, DJIA in JANUARY are still unfolding  as I thought they would way  back when I posted this  in DEC. I saw weakness increasing

SPX dec 28

Our expected sideways consolidation continues before a directional move takes hold. We look for weakness or signs of strength going forward,  to see if this is going to resume as bullish or bearish  (short?)  Here is what I'm seeing...

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Friday- Option Expiration And Rotten Fruitage

Its option expiration and often we get a large push of volume . The markets are looking  more and more like they are heading in the direction that I have been calling for.

I pointed this out on Jan 6


It has followed that exact path and this is what I am thinking going forward...

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Hanging In There?

Volatility is here and the markets are rocking and rolling.  If you have been reading my thoughts here,  you know which ones are 'Buy the dips' and which are not.   Lets review.


I said that I was interested in this , for one thing. A break above 22 would be 'Interesting' to say the least. Do you know where we are now?


Well, the markets gapped down big yesterday and  and thus Vix gapped open to 24 recently and then sold off back under that line to $21.50 yesterday .  Is that the end of it?

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