So That’s How The Internet Works

This report is all about How the internet works, and Gold, Silver and Miners.


This is how the internet works...

GDX - This was from my weekend report, and I showed how the 10sma could be tagged by GDX and the drop would back test the trend line.  Totally normal, so we were ready.


gdx-wkend-reportGDX MONDAY -  When it actually  happened, this was exactly what  we knew should happen.   Well, the  internet lit up with Bearish chatter.  I was hearing that Gold was about to get crushed, Miners were 'crashing' , and the USD was rallying!  T-H-A-T is how the internet works now, fear breeds fear.  Is this soooooo bad?


Well  lets discuss Tuesday and see ...

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Mixed Monday

So far I think that the action in the markets today basically matched my weekend report, but they were received with mixed fanfare. Lets take a look and review expectations.


I was looking at SPX like this, trapped under the 50sma and 10sma. 


Today the Markets gapped open higher and the NASDAQ was up near the 2016 highs. Lets take a look.

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Oct 23 – Weekend Report

Lets get right to the weekend review.


SPX 1 week ago - It was struggling to move higher. Not a 'long' or 'short' play going forward, just sideways chop again.


SPX WKLY - No change, still looks weak.

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