Look – A Pile Of Dots!

Sometimes people can look at the same thing and see something different than someone else. That is understandable , since we all have different experience in life and different ways of looking at things. When looking at charts , experience and training your eyes to look for certain things  can be helpful in seeing what others may not. So is the above picture  just a random pile of dots? Or is it a runner in action? The answer may depend on your focus or how closely you look at it. Lets look at some charts...


SPX- the markets have been resisting the pullback. I posted this yesterday

SPX march 2

Is there anything noteworthy in todays chart of the SPX?...

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Whats In A Number?

Whats in a number? I dont know, but I had mentioned back in mid Feb that the NASDAQ may pullback and could even test that break out , but probably not until it tags the big round number 5000. Why? Apparently, It's just part of the game 



NASDAQ march 3

SO are we about to pullback 200 points to test the break out, or ride the 10sma again?...

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Putting It Together

Not a lot has changed from the weekend report, so lets review the charts.

Nasdaq March 2

NAZ March 2

Certainly has had the bullish follow thru that I expected, right to 5000.  Is it going to continue though?...

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