Nov 22 Weekend Report

With the release of the Fed Minutes Wednesday, we got a good amount of action in the markets this week.  Lets review sector by sector.


The SPY -  On Nov 16,  with a day 25 high in place,  I expected a bullish break higher and a DCL to be put in place.

SPY 11-16  

SPX Nov 18 -  This was a bullish break out back above the 200sma.

SPX 11-18

That was follow through after the release of the fed minutes.  What can we expect?

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New Trade Ideas

Friday   November 20, 2015

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A Clearer Picture

The picture started getting clearer in many sectors of the market after the Fed Minutes were released Wednesday afternoon.  Lets take a look.


SPX / SPY - Looking for an overhead follow through and within the timing for a DCL. The 200sma acted as resistance.

SPX 11-17

Bullish Break through, I expect higher prices and will watch how the follow through plays out.

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