A new year Approaches

As this trading year wraps up, I plan on using the weekend report to discuss some ideas of what we may expect in 2016. We have 2 trading days left this week and then it's on to 2016. Lets review what the charts are saying...

DJIA - So far the Dow has made lower highs since May. We are at resistance and may drop back down to the lower support.  If this breaks out and runs to the blue dotted line, it will be the first set of higher highs. 

DJIA 12-29

There are several interesting things to look at here...

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In Search Of A Catalyst

If you are wondering why I chose the above picture, I'll explain that later. Right now we have the markets in limbo, Natgas on Fire , and Precious Metals seem to be searching for a catalyst .  Lets do a review...


NYA - I thought it was interesting that the NYSE looks a tad more bullish than than the SPX or NASDAQ short term. It had a MACD cross higher 2 days ago, while the SPX doesn't  (yet).  It almost resembles a bullhorn pattern.

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 Over the past 2 months I have received one specific question about Gold , Silver, and Miners often enough to know that it's important to the readers here. Even though I answered that question in separate emails, I have already done the homework, so why not share it here in the weekend report to benefit everyone?  First, a market review...


SPX - This is the area that I have been pointing out for the markets to prove themselves.


Now a look at the SPX WKLY chart...

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