What To Look At

I dont always do a Friday report, but there were a few interesting things that happened in the market. Lets see what those were...

This was the SPX going into yesterday, you can see that anything higher would be a break out type move

  SPX 4- 23

Yesterday the markets did move higher, but  they pulled back into the close.

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Watch Lists and Set Ups

First, I apologize that this wont be out before the market open, I think I had food poisoning last night and it was a rough ride. I am looking at the markets and stock set ups that have been discussed and wanted to just review a few things to watch for going forward.  We'll start with our market recap ..

SPX  futures are down as I write, but there is still upside possibility short term, if this breaks out.

SPX 4-22

That being said, there is still this reminder...

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Sometimes It Feels Like A Roll Of The Dice

Yesterday I had a ton of bullish chart set ups and I posted some of them here.  Since we are in an earnings  period, some of the charts broke out higher, some went lower, and others broke out higher and then reversed lower.  It felt like a roll of the dice, but honestly, the bigger picture of the markets themselves may have a lot to do with future direction of many stocks, so lets review some charts again!


SPX - I figured we'd make a run for the top of this wedge, but that resistance line reversed price again. It is running out of room!


The NASDAQ gapped higher and didn't quite give it up...

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