The Fed Hike Plunge

Many sectors began to sell off with the interest rate hike Wednesday.  Some were sectors we expected to sell off, others were expected to snap back. Will we get the snap back on Thursday and Friday? Let's discuss what we should be looking for.


SPX - From Monday, the markets were outside the B.B. on a weekly basis, so I would have expected a dip by the end of the week.

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FOMC – An Interest Rate Hike?

 I've been wanting to answer a frequently asked question and that question is,


" What will happen when the Fed raises interest rates?" Let's take a look at what has happened in the past, and then maybe we have some historical precedence to go by.

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Tuesday Dec 13 – A Pre-Fed Hike

 We are one day away from the FOMC meeting  that is expected to result in the first rate hike of 2016.  After a quick  review of the markets, we'll discuss some action in the markets Monday that may be of interest to many of us.

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