A World That Runs On Energy

Prices fluctuate and sometimes get extremely overdone in either direction, but the Energy  needs of this planet are not going away. Thats the main focus of this report, but first let me address the reversal in the markets today.

QQQ -  I have been pointing out the WEDGE pattern in the NASDAQ, SPX, etc.  Today I just want to point out an observation with todays reversal on the 10 sma.  It looks like Markets want higher prices again.

QQQ 4-14

The SPX was similar , but I want to point this out on the IWM/IWC before moving on to Energy and Metals mkts...

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A Quick Look Underneath

You may have noticed that yesterday many of the markets across the board started out rising higher, but ended up selling off.  Lets take a look and see if it means anything at all...

SPX March 13 -  It reversed at resistance.

SPX 4-13

That in itself doesnt mean too much, but take a look at this ...

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So Many Set Ups

I cannot believe how many beautiful chart set ups keep popping up for traders in the markets. I've mentioned STEEL stocks, Energy, Tech, and really even some of the Miners have been setting up rather interestingly.  Are all systems go? Lets turn to the 38 charts for more information...

SPX- Still wants to run higher

SPX 4-10

And since the week has ended, here is the NASDAQ WEEKLY CHART...

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