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Little Changes

Not a whole lot has changed since the weekend report, but we can review the little changes that took place and see if it changes anything in our big picture outlook.


NASDAQ may 1- The Wedge pattern still had wiggle room


You can see on the next chart that on Monday there were minor changes...

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In this weekend report I wanted to briefly review various sectors as we usually do.  We have been quite focused on Energy and recently I was calling for the double bottom lows in NATGAS.  We have seen these ideas play out perfectly.  Now, in this weekend report, we're mostly going to focus on GOLD/SILVER/MINERS.  I have about 40 charts and this will be my longest wkend report to date, enjoy!

SPX & NASDAQ - I have pointed this out for many weeks now. Very trade-able lately, buying dips, selling rips.

SPX WKLY 4-24 one

Here is the NASDAQ...

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