Pulling The Trigger

Many times we hear about buying the pullback, but when the pullback comes, it may be too intimidating to pull the trigger. Did you do any buying yesterday? Lets review the market action and also  discuss "Pulling The Trigger".


SPX - The Spx has turned back down at resistance and has been rejected at the 10sma too. Wednesday the markets reversed back up to the 10 sma. This time it may be able to push higher.

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Buy The Dip?

It felt like just about everything in the market was pulling back today. Not all pullbacks will qualify as a 'Buy the dip" candidate, but some may be setting up as a nice opportunity. Lets take a look...


SPX -  This turned down at multiple resistance areas.

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This report will be a report on the statistics of what was reported on in the weekend report...

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