Fast Trades

Just a Quick market review and then I want to discuss some fast trades for those that like to trade, but aren't ready to buy & hold quite yet.


SPX -  I discussed the reversal and likelihood of that low to be in place for a bounce / rally.  Thursday did put a swing low in place and the timing is right for a low.  We do not have a break above the 10sma as confirmation yet , so the safer trade lies ahead, but  some may have wanted to buy the swing based on timing, and place a stop below the Wed lows.

SPX 1-21

SSO, TQQQ, etc can be traded coming out of the lows, with a stop just below recent lows.

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1-21-16 – Prepare For A Bounce

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down over 550 points yesterday and then rallied back into the end of the day, putting a form of reversal candle in place. Thursday morning the futures are RED, but we are at an extreme point that calls for a bounce/ rally. Yes it could last for days and weeks, but is the selling over? Lets review the markets and some stocks.


The SPX  put in a large reversal candle too, after breaking below the August lows.  1730 is a normal downside target, but I think we rally first. It should be easy to get a swing low.  A move above yesterdays highs begins the process.

Spx 1-20 a

What do I expect from this move higher after it starts?

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They Did What?

Yes,  Gold has a bullish looking set up, and miners not only sold off, but they broke to new lows.   We will discuss that, but first lets take a look at the rest of the markets.


NASDAQ -  The futures are up over 100 to 200 points each morning,  but the rally fades.  What to do?

NAZ 1-19

Here is the SPX ...

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