What’s In Your Wallet?

What have the readers at Chartfreak been looking at as the best near term investment?  Since the lows were put in in December, we have been buying and focused on Miners.  I did expect a pause or pullback in January, but I also wrote a special report telling my readers "Not to get too cute"  and over trade this sector, because more upside was on the horizon.  On the blog, last week I wrote specifically about GDX, see post: https://chartfreak.com/2017/01/market-vectors-gold-miners-gdx/ I've decided to give you a portion of the member report sent before Fed Wednesday.  The report covered all of the markets, but the main focus has been on the Precious Metals sector. So the following is a part of Wednesday's precious metals section. Read More

Feb 2nd – Pretty Well

Well, That went pretty Well, didn't it?  🙂

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Wednesday Feb 1st – Fake Or Real?

There were a lot of interesting moves in the markets Tuesday. Today is Fed Wednesday, so we shall soon find out which ones may have been fake moves and which ones may be real. Let's take a look at a few of these moves...

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