Feb 14- Holding On

I believe that Fed Chairman Janet Yellen is meeting with congress on Tuesday to discuss  monetary policy. This could affect the USD and Precious metals if she mentions inflation and interest rate hike expectations, so let's take a look at what the charts are telling us.


The SPX continued higher, and this makes this likely a right translated daily cycle. The bullishness of the general markets is holding on.

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Feb 13 2017 – STAY FROSTY



NAK was a buy all last week, and I pointed it out as a consolidation in an uptrend.

WRN - I also pointed out WRN as a nice weekly and daily set up earlier last week. It has popped to $1.62 since I posted this weekly chart, so what can we expect if you took this trade?  The following charts can help...

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Feb 10 – Running Again

The weekend is upon us, let's review what the last week brought our way and what we should expect going forward.


The NASDAQ continues to climb upward and it is hard to tell if this is forming a wedge or is it rallying into a blow off top? I want to look at the SPX and discuss a thing or two there .

SPX - I had drawn this wedge inside of a long term channel for last weekends report. I said that the markets do have the potetnial to keep climbing, but eventually they would reach the top at what looks like $2400 ish. Here it was at 2280.85.

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FEB 10 Charts

Friday is the last day of the week, and I usually just do a brief report with a few bullish chart set ups.   On Thursday, we did see a variety of action however,  so Fridays report will be a bit longer than normal. Keep in mind that I usually cover things with a bit more detail in the weekend report.


SPX - Many think that the market is breaking out and going to rally a lot higher. I do not think that for reasons mentioned in prior reports, including the VIX situation.

Last  weekends chart

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FEB 9th – Race Against Time

Time has certainly been on our side and our trades have been making gains for several weeks now. That said, Nothing lasts forever, so as we move forward we do begin to think about where we are in the stream of time. We are basically racing against time, but I am not concerned yet.  I will discuss this briefly now and a bit more in the weekend report.  Lets review the markets.

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Feb 8th – Still Chillin

I find that I'm still not making any changes to my thinking since the weekend report. Let's review the markets.


SPX - I'm watching the green trend line, and that will let me know when the general markets are ready to drop into a dcl.  Even though we do have a break out, the SPX has basically moved sideways since early December.

SPX WKLY from my weekend report. I'm not expecting a strong continuation higher before we roll over.

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PUBLIC REPORT – Breaking Out

In several of my last public reports, I presented the Precious Metals markets as bullish.  Have you been able to take advantage of that?  At Chartfreak, we have been confident and able to make great gains in this sector since the December lows.  I want to again share with the public some of our weekend report.  This weekend we  just kept it simple.  This is some of what we have discussed recently in the premium side of Chartfreak.

I am going to skip the general markets , Oil, Natgas, etc. and just go right to…




THIS SECTOR REMAINS RIGHT ON TRACK WITH MY EXPECTATIONS FROM THE DECEMBER LOWS. I repeatedly cautioned against over trading or getting too cute and losing position.  If you are new here, please read my report on what it means to ‘Get too cute’ during a Bull run, click the link below to go there.



I’m going to keep this really really simple this weekend.


GOLD DAILY – This is a bullish chart and suffered no damage after FED WEDNESDAY. The dip at the end of January has recovered and I have us on day 5.


GOLD WEEKLY – GOLD has now recovered the drop below Mays ICL.   I still see a Bullish big picture, the Weekly MACD is turning higher.

SILVER – SILVER dropped on Friday, but it tagged the 10sma and recovered. That drop to the Thicker RED ARROW  was also the 50sma. Silver is on the Bullish Track too.

GDX – Miners  MIGHT want to dip down a bit inside of this rising channel, but it remains an upward sloping bullish channel. GDX has danced around the rising 10 sma and remains bullish.


GDXJ – This finally got above the 200sma .  Let’s keep it simple, it remains bullish at this point.  See the weekly chart below, even a drop to  $37.50 would be great.


GDXJ WKLY –  I cannot tell you enough how bullish this set up can be.   Wait – Yes I can, It is VERY BULLISH from what I have seen in the past.  GDXJ has run from $27 ish to $40 ish and looks like it wants to go back to 2016 highs eventually.  That’s a BIG MOVE higher after that long drop at the end of 2016. Can this drop to $37.50, the lower trend line?  Yes, and it would still remain very bullish.

To keep it simple, this precious metals sector remained Bullishly aligned, even after the Fed Week Meeting. The daily reports will monitor the activity as it unfolds going forward.  Newer subscribers, if you have time, why not go back and read some of the recent report from the past couple of weeks to see what we have been discussing & anticipating.  Again, enjoy your weekend!




So that was excerpts from the weekend report. For this Pubic report, let me share just a few more charts of the Miners from the Tuesday report, to add confidence to the bullishness of this sector thus far.

GDXJ WKLY –  Do you remember the Bullish chart that I posted of GDXJ above? This is the same wkly chart after Mondays trading. I told my readers that this was a bullish set up and no we see why I said that.

We bought the lows in December and I have repeatedly discussed with my readers why they did NOT want to over trade these positions.  I repeatedly mentioned that in this bullish set up, the selling could be minimal and difficult to buy back at a lower price.   Now, after a January consolidation, we see that that has been the case.  Many Miners began breaking out over resistance areas on Monday too. Let’s take a look…


NG – This did not have a big pullback, it consolidated December gains and started breaking out mid day Monday.

NG  – BY the close it was a lot higher. We are glad that we were not scared out of our positions.

PVG – Breaking out midday Monday, hardly a pull back here  during January too.


PVG was up over 13% by the close!  Again, at Chartfreak I reminded investors repeatedly not to get nervous and sell, losing positions.  We are not over-trading our positions since buying the Dec lows.

GORO – Breaking out Midday on Monday.

GORO followed through into the close.

PAAS WKLY –  You cannot deny that PAAS is a champion. It has returned to the 2016 highs already and others are not too far behind. This is a real confidence builder, isn’t it?

So using  Cycle analyses, technical analyses, and other methods that I have developed over the years, we have been doing very well with out positions in the miners.  For my readers, the reports have built confidence in the sector and various set ups that present themselves over time.  I will continue to monitor the move going forward and then there will be a time that it will be advantageous to gather some profits.   We then will see if we are presented with another opportunity to buy the dip.  This will be covered in future reports.  If you think that this type of analyses would help you with your style of trading, why not give us a try with a 1 month or quarterly membership? We also have a ‘chat’ section below each daily report where experienced traders gather and discuss their trades.  With your experience and another set of eyes, these reports could very well pay for themselves. Thanks for being here in the Public Section too!




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Feb 7th – She Caught On Fire

Look at a chart of SPX, DJIA, or even OIL and nothing has changed from the weekend report, so we are going to go right to the Precious Metals sector for a review of Mondays action.


Notice that the USD was moving higher for most of the day on Monday, but that didn't hinder the gradual melt up that took place all day long in Precious Metals,  right into the close.

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FEB 4th – Fed Week And He Stayed On Track

This weekend we are going to just keep it simple. We are in the middle of what has turned out to be some very good trades, and they have been acting correctly for weeks now. Why get too complicated when we are seeing things remain right on track as we go forward.  To the chart!


SPX - Personally I have not taken a trade in the general markets by means of ETFs. Individual stocks have done well, but the volatility in this sideways consolidation has schooled both the Long & shorts.

1. We had a break out (bullish) , but the VIX was down near 10 ( Bearish)

2. We had a failed break out when it gapped down, and an ISLAND TOP formed ( bearish).

3. That was negated Friday when the gap closed, and this looks bullish again. The green trend line is key going forward.

We were watching the VIX , which was indicating that the markets would likely pull back in February sometime ( I mentioned that the VIX is not a short term timing tool, I use it as a cautionary measure). Now let's look at the weekly charts.

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We have a mixed bag in the markets, so let's get right to the charts.


SPX - Do you see what I see Gilligan? The markets have been all over the place along with the vix since 2017 began. It looks weak. This is an ISLAND TOP actually, a bearish top if price doesn't close that gap soon.

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