AAU Important update

I wanted to quickly review a possible change in the way AAU looks. It may have gone from “Bullish” to “Caution” , please read on…I posted a perfect 50% retrace of the entire move yesterday under “What I’m looking at” with this chart

AAU READY TO GOYESTERDAY … NOTICE we had an ugly reversal with GOLD very Green , so it now is back on the lower trendline  (I OWN IT at $1.55, but my stop is about to trigger below the 50sma…if its just a shake out, I will be out and can review how it treats the 200sma moving forward)


I want to point out that on closer examination, I noticed that this may be indicating something is wrong with the stock? Its not ‘acting correctly’ and may have already broken down and “TESTED that break down yesterday…so caution is warranted. (see chart)


 so from here , it may be best to step aside and let it prove itself.


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