Two stocks appealing

I’m Still liking Rare Earth set ups( See  QRM, AVL, REE,MCP ) as mentioned in a prior post. They have “Based out” and look to be moving above( and some have finding support above) their Moving averages .

I also like some of the energy stocks like AXAS , MNGA, & a few others are starting to look good.

Let me highlight 2 stocks and why I like them.  SHLO  and MNGA

The weekly chart of SHLO  basically speaks for itself . We see

1. A break out

2. a “test”

3. and lots of volume  (I LOVE THAT)

SHLO   weekly


The DAILY chart I’m looking at the 50sma as support , now above the 10 & 20sma , and a MACD positive cross up in the process of happening.

It gapped open this a.m., Closed that gap, and shot back up 30 cents.  It looks good, I.M.O.

One could enter around here and stop below $17.50 (or a close below $17.50).  WIDER STOP…below 200SMA




I also like MNGA  (bought this A.M. , but it shot up before I could draw up a chart.  So here is what I STILL like about it longer time frame , moving forward.

DAILY – The MASSIVE break out in JANUARY finally “tested” and It consolidated , moving back above the 50sma.

MNGA  daily

But notice the WEEKLY POTENTIAL … this was a $1 that has potential for great gains , but likely depends on how the markets act moving forward.

MNGA WEEKLY SET UP On a weekly chart, it looks like price wants to test the high volume high of $2.40 area now ,and maybe much more since it is “OVERSOLD” on its stochastics. A stairway up to former highs? Volume says it’s possible.

On a daily, however , it could get ‘extended’ fast too.  SO if one was to enter near here, (maybe on an intraday pullback?) they need to be nimble and able to watch the trade daily if its a quick scalp.

Or one could keep this on a watchlist , and buy a pullback

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  1. ALEX
    ALEX says:

    Thx Steve
    This post was actually yesterday morning (3/17) , so depending on when you got it, you probably already have some nice gains. That weekly does show potential upside is impressive, and bio fuels have been run away for sure! I may take ‘some’ off of the table and ride the rest.

    Best to you!

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