Weeks ago I mentioned that sometimes when the markets are breaking to new highs on weakness, it  can cause volatility and lack of direction. Do you feel that we are seeing that now?  This chart from DEC 23 showed what I was referring to as we broke to new highs with weakness. I was afraid that we might be heading there again.

SPX dec 23

Its can be hard to  make good Money when the volatility has markets ( say the Dow for example ) moving up & down 100's of points daily.  Down 300 , up 200, down 300, up 320, down 250,  etc etc etc .   Yesterday the Markets re-gained the 50sma and today they are giving it up again.   Volume is  a tad heavyish so far today and I am again watching  the close to see if we get an idea what to expect going forward...

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JAN 8 Follow up / Quick Turns

Well I was hoping I could use this picture again ,  what a Fast moving beauty!    : )     Actually , speaking of fast moves ,  this is an update to this mornings post.  As we watch things unfold here , and I mentioned what I was looking for, I hope you are seeing what I am seeing.

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Nothing Has Changed

You could basically read my last few reports and get the same results.  Even though the numbers have changed and the moves are taking place, my outlook hasnt changed.

Here is yesterdays wkly chart of SPX  - we expected a move higher, but a bounce or a buy the dip recovery?


I thought that the markets looked a little 'different' this time, so I mentioned that it could 'fail' .  Yesterday we did have a reversal

And CNBC  had a lot of people on saying, "You just have to Buy the Dips. Its been working for years now! "  Is THAT what I mean when I say nothing has changed?...

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