Markets dont go straight up or down

  ( yes I've seen the $USD and Oil Lately    )  Well actually,  they haven't been 100% straight up or down either. We expect Pullbacks , consolidations,  dips, etc . Even the straight up dollar move wasn't straight up , as you can see here in my Jan 2 chart, there were dips ...

$USD JAN 2  

Pullbacks  happen all the time, and the key is to examine them separately and look for opportunity. Lets discuss pullbacks ...

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Many Still Cant See It

Many still cant see it ,  lets zoom in for a minute


If you're worried that the public will see this , dont.  I have posted for 8 weeks my thoughts on a particular sector in extreme detail, and I still cant convince everybody of what I have been seeing, this Picture wont change anything for the public. So Lets discuss Various  Markets ...

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A Minnie Victory

Friday was a Mini victory if you ask me, and I'll tell you why after a brief update of the markets. So far The SPX, Q's and Dow acted just as I thought they would, they have dropped after making new highs (QQQ was likely not going to make new highs, and it didnt ).   DEC 30 - I posted this that I'd be watching the QQQ's at the 10sma, it looked weak.

QQQ Dec 31  

Well, it broke right through the 10sma by the end of Dec 31,  so what now? All doom & gloom from here?

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