We have been watching some great battles going on, and thankfully we have been able to make some nice trades despite the up & down action of the various markets.  Volatility can be a traders paradise, but an investors nightmare as price basically can remain the same in the up & down battle for direction.  Having  technical analysis, some cycle counts , and a  bit of experience  in our tool box , we gain an edge in certain areas.   This weekend report will highlight some interesting charts  ( 24 charts again to be exact!) ...so to the charts!!!


Well look at this break out in OIL


It exploded at the end of Friday and shot up 8%. That is a lot for a commodity like OIL.  It closed above the 10 & 20 sma for the first time in a long time , as you can see.

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Quick Friday Update

I dont always see the need to post Friday , because  Thursdays report covers my expectations and Friday usually doesnt leave me with much to say until the big weekend report. Today I just felt the need for a quick update because 2 questions  arise...

1.  Has anything changed?

2. Do you want to hold over the weekend?   QUICK commentary


$NATGAS -  The "Floor" broke down. May just be a 'test', but you should be out



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Things Are Looking A Little Clearer Now

You can just Re-Read yesterdays report on the General markets , and then come back here and see how much clearer it looks with the charts supplied today. Yesterday I was saying that Futures where up , but  could it last? ....

Well, Let me just start with a chart that I posted yesterday ...


Now check this out...

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