Time Decay

It's time to discuss decay in the Oil and Metals markets, but first lets do a review of the equity markets.


SPX- This was Sept 15. I have been saying since August that I expect the lows to be tested sooner or later.

SPX 9-15 2  

We see that happening now, so what next? ...

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Does It Fit?

Crazy action in the markets today.  Some of it was expected, but some of it doesn't seem to fit. Lets take a look.

IBB - Really taking it on the chin lately. This is a weekly chart and todays volume was massive.

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How Are Things Stacking Up?

It would be good to look back at the past weeks activities and see how things are stacking up.

TRAN WKLY - This surely hasn't looked bullish as the trend changed.  The Tran was rejected at the 10 ma this week again.

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