If you were watching the markets yesterday, then you may have seen something quite interesting from about 2 P.M. onward as the  FED information was released.  It looked like this at a casual glance....


The $USD  completely wiped out  any gains from Jan 22 onward in very short order. Oh these fickle markets ...

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Waiting On The Fed Again

It's Wednesday and again the FED seems to be adding uncertainty and volatility to the various markets. Lets look at some charts, not too much has changed since yesterdays report.


QQQ March 16

QQQ march 16

Here is a different view and how things progressed yesterday, March 17...

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A Morning For Focus

I want to focus specifically on the subject that was my midday alert Monday, but first a quick market overview.


SPX - We looked ready to move higher, and we did, but within a possible wedge pattern.


I took a look at the QQQ's and pointed out this...

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