Buy The Dip?

It felt like just about everything in the market was pulling back today. Not all pullbacks will qualify as a 'Buy the dip" candidate, but some may be setting up as a nice opportunity. Lets take a look...


SPX -  This turned down at multiple resistance areas.

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This report will be a report on the statistics of what was reported on in the weekend report...

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In last weeks reports, I was pointing out the things that were moving and really catching my interest.  Lets review and see how things played out and what that can mean going forward.

SPX WKLY - We had a very high volume sell off & reversal this week.  The last 2 stand outs had 2 different immediate reactions.  Aug 2011 just went sideways for weeks, while Oct 2014 recovered strongly. 

SPX WKLY 8 28  

Which one is likely here, or is there another possibility? ...

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