Friday April 22

I just wanted to post this Friday report to mention a couple of things about our trades.


CRB - This was my Tuesday  chart of the CRB. Notice the area where it was expected to run to , and then it might hit resistance.

CRB 4-18

Today the CRB hit the 200sma and turned down.  Is the Run complete?

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Thursday - 2 trading days left in the week. Again we have had another  great week of trading, but how long will this last?  Should I sell my positions?  Lets do a quick market review and then discuss positions.


SPX - April 18 had the markets Bullishly moving higher.

SPX 4-18

SPX  April 20  - The SPX is almost at the November highs and remains bullishly aligned. This may be an area that gives resistance, or the shorts may pile in and be forced to cover if it breaks to new highs.

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What’s Up? What’s Not Up 🙂

Excellent trading, that's what has been up in 2016!  I keep telling myself not to get too used to it, because I know that following the fast run higher is a pullback or consolidation move. This year we are seeing various Sectors setting up at different time frames. We've been able to sell the run higher in some areas and move right into another lower risk set up. What's up?  Very profitable trading!

CENX - This was recommended at the lower end of this consolidation over a week ago.  It tagged that 50sma at $6.50 and the 50sma acted as support and price bounced off .

CENX 4-11 daily

CENX - Over $7 - It was still a buy

CENX 4-11

CENX - Is this a double top or just the start of a major run higher?

CENX 4-19  

This is how I see CENX and several other trades that we put on...

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