Ready for what? For one thing, we are at another Fed Wednesday.  Yes, that's right, the latest Fed Decision on interest rates is released today, and usually we have to get ready for any possible volatility. This time I dont expect much in the way of a surprise there, but  we may want to start getting  ready for the trades that the charts are setting up for. 


On April 20th I posted this chart of Oil.  I've been bullish on Oil since the Feb Lows, and it still  wanted to go higher. There is a resistance area in blue, but Oil looks like it wants to move to at least the top of that area for now.  I listed many Energy / Oil companies that were set up bullishly. 

  WTIC 4-19

Last Thursday I showed how Oil would have to work its way through resistance, but was still going higher. You can see last Fridays report for a list of Oil/ Energy stocks that were setting up bullishly.

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APRIL 26 – Smooth Sailing?

Whenever we as traders get really really comfortable with our trades and trading, I think it is always a good idea to go back and shake things up a bit, just to keep us on our toes.  Since not a lot has changed on the charts  from the weekend report  through  Mondays trading day - I wanted to focus on trading and 'trade set ups'.

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Waking Up To A New Week Of Trading Ideas

It was another excellent week of trading.   I received more than a couple of emails  expressing joy over the past couple of months of activity.   I'm really happy to see these results. Since we know that these runs dont last forever without consolidation phases, lets  get right to the trading and our expectations going forward.


LGCY- This was the trade of the week if you ask me.  I showed this base as having huge potential back on April 9th.


This was Last Monday - It was a buy when it bounced right off of the 50sma near $1.00.  These types of bases are explosive.

LGCY 4-18

Last Wednesday -  Still could be bought, inside of that long running base.

LGCY 4-20

APRIL 22 LGCY - It surged to $2.35 Friday!  Well over 100% in 5 days, 46% Friday alone.

LGCY 4-22 b

I am going to discuss what to expect from LGCY and a few other trades of ours that have done well later in this report.  Is this just the start of a break out from the base, or has it exhausted itself?  Stay tuned.

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