She Said What?

I heard that Janet Yellen had lunch on Tuesday and spoke quite a bit about...never mind, lets just say that she spoke quite a bit.

Some things that I heard seemed to contradict other things that she said, but we see from the moves mid day onward,  the markets received it positively.  There are some very interesting developments...

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March 28 – Bouncing Sideways

Monday saw many areas of the markets doing pretty much what was expected,  pulling back, consolidating, and just plain ole bouncing around.

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Going Forward

Lets discuss what I think we are going to see going forward from here.  Just like we have seen in the past, it will NOT be a straight move in one direction, I expect volatility along the way.  The above picture helps us to see what to expect 🙂


SPX-  After a nice multi week rally,  I have been saying that we are due for a pull back. I do not think that the 3 day pull back that we got is all that we will get, even though that was a reversal candle on Thursday. We are at resistance for 1 thing, and ...

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