We had some nice reversals in certain sectors today, so I wanted to share a few ideas here with that in mind.  Some ideas are Bullish , and a few cautionary notes in there too. This is your Tuesday morning report a tad early.  🙂

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Action And Reaction

It was a Fed Week and the Action (or lack thereof ) and reaction were somewhat expected. Lets look at our week in review. 

Thursday I mentioned that I found it surprising that the USD & CRB were both moving together Post Fed.  Was one faking it's move?

USD 10-28 CRB 10-28

Now lets take a closer look...

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Riding The Dips

As expected, the Fed Mtg on Wednesday certainly gave us some dips to work with. We saw both strength and weakness as a result.

SPY -  This was a tough dip to ride 'real time', but the markets closed back at the highs.

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