To Be Or Not To Be?

That is the question...


SPX -  I'm Still expecting higher prices in the near term, with a DCL likely in place.

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MAY 8 Weekend Report

We will discuss the Theme Picture later in the report, lets get right into our market review...


SPX - We are expecting and late for a DCL.  The SPX tagged the 50sma and put in a small reversal candle. I believe that we are about to get a move higher.

SPX 7-7

That calls for a look at the bigger picture...

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MAY 5 – Perspective And Emotions

Our  perspective on certain things can affect our emotions.   Isn't it true that how we view things often changes the way we feel about them?  Especially if there are two sides to a story?  🙂   Well it can be that way with trading too.  We can look at a long term bullish chart and see it as 'horrible'  if it is pulling back below our buy point.  The faces in the Theme picture above could very well be the many faces of trading, so I am going to discuss  perspective and emotions.


If I show you this stock and simply ask,  " Is this chart Bullish or Bearish?"   How do you answer?


BULLISH, right?  It has run up 300%, its in a channel of higher lows and higher highs, and has just pulled back from $14 to basically $11.50.


Perspective : I am being told that this is one dreadfully ugly chart.  If you bought at $4, you may love it,  but if you bought it at $12, $13, or even $14?  It has been nothing but volatile.


So you see, it is a matter of perspective...


That chart above  is FCX, and anyone who bought it in the past week may not be as happy as those that bought it lower.  Lets zoom in. Please read the chart.

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