Get Your Ducks In A Row

I cannot believe how nicely these markets are getting their ducks all lined up in a row.  This report is going to be as long as a weekend report! You may even be a little surprised to see what I am about to show you...


SPX - Tuesday I pointed out that the wedge had resolved itself.

SPX 3-12

Break out

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It is NOT easy when you have a stock up 10%, and the other 4 or 5 are up 20% 34% and so on , but we'll just have to deal with it  🙂 .  Yes, I'm kidding, but seriously that is the way it has been lately.  Dont get used to it, it can be short lived reward for the patience that we have put in. Lets discuss selling and rocket ships after a quick review.


SPX  April 4th chart - I pointed out this bearish rising wedge and called for the markets to stop rising as a result. I said that I then would expect another run higher.

SPX 4-4

SPX - Those wedges can cause a drop or a sideways move that can correct the wedge, and so far we now have a channel . That wedge has fixed itself.

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Charting The Course

Using the April 8th  (Fridays Chart), we see the markets consolidating sideways. This usually prepares it for a directional move , up or down. In this case, it can also take that bearish wedge and allow it to become a channel.

SPX 4-9

The Markets continued that sideways move on Monday...

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