Keeping An Eye On Things

This was a great week of trading. Oil broke out and  all of our energy stocks put in some strong gains as expected.  My call in NATGAS played out exactly as outlined , and this could play out nicely for traders this week too.  Lets look at some charts and see how things went in other sectors too , and what we might expect moving forward.


SPX - I have been showing a bearish rising wedge pattern, like in my April 10 chart.  We had more upside, but then the markets did start selling off Friday.  Is that it?

SPX 4-10

 I also want to show you something else.

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SO far our ENERGY picks have been right on target.   What I was looking for in Natgas for the past few weeks has also taken place perfectly.  Gold & Miners? We'll discuss that too, but first lets quickly review the Equity Markets.


SPX is really in a tight spot. It needs to break higher soon. Will we get a pullback and a surge in commodities?

  SPX 4-15

Does the NASDAQ look any different? There certainly was no shortage of break outs in Tech yesterday...

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A World That Runs On Energy

Prices fluctuate and sometimes get extremely overdone in either direction, but the Energy  needs of this planet are not going away. Thats the main focus of this report, but first let me address the reversal in the markets today.

QQQ -  I have been pointing out the WEDGE pattern in the NASDAQ, SPX, etc.  Today I just want to point out an observation with todays reversal on the 10 sma.  It looks like Markets want higher prices again.

QQQ 4-14

The SPX was similar , but I want to point this out on the IWM/IWC before moving on to Energy and Metals mkts...

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A Quick Look Underneath

You may have noticed that yesterday many of the markets across the board started out rising higher, but ended up selling off.  Lets take a look and see if it means anything at all...

SPX March 13 -  It reversed at resistance.

SPX 4-13

That in itself doesnt mean too much, but take a look at this ...

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So Many Set Ups

I cannot believe how many beautiful chart set ups keep popping up for traders in the markets. I've mentioned STEEL stocks, Energy, Tech, and really even some of the Miners have been setting up rather interestingly.  Are all systems go? Lets turn to the 38 charts for more information...

SPX- Still wants to run higher

SPX 4-10

And since the week has ended, here is the NASDAQ WEEKLY CHART...

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Yesterday it seemed like anything China was the place to be. Many Chinese stocks started to really POP, but does that mean we should jump on board and be buyers at this point?   Lets look at a few charts ...

FXI- I am looking for a reversal or another gap higher  (3 gap play?)


Other Chinese ETFs look similar,  this is  CHII -

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More Of The Same

The markets are moving much like I have been mentioning over the past few weeks.  Things in OIL have played out as expected , and I believe they will continue to do so.  I am seeing some interesting things happening in GOLD & MINERS, I will discus that a bit here, but the weekend report may be quite revealing , since we will see a few more days of trading playing out.  Lets just get to the charts...

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I was not so surprised to see the Energy sector doing so well yesterday.  We've been expecting that next break higher for a while. I will say that I was surprised to see how quickly the markets shook off that jobs report , however. I mentioned in my weekend report that there were many nice stock set ups, so it was puzzling that the markets looked ready to break down.  Well, just like that hypnotic dance forward in a conga line,  the buy the dips crowd didnt want to skip a beat...


NAZ from my wkend report. I thought a gap down could break this wedge

NAZ wkly

Yesterday we saw a gap down and then the reversal higher, but I still want to point out this important point ...

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Fridays Jobs Report said a lot, and how the various markets react should be quite interesting. The markets were closed Friday , so what will Monday bring?  Check this out...

I'll start with the IBB WEEKLY chart.  This isnt overly Bearish at this point, its still above the weekly moving average, but needs monitoring.It was last Spring that Biotechs sold off deeply.


Now lets look at the SPX & the NASDAQ,  but first let me explain the possible implicaitons of the negative jobs report that came out Friday ...

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Checking the Charts

Friday the stock market is closed , but I have a lot to say after yesterday, so lets check the charts and see whats happening at the end of our trading week...


In this chart Yesterday, I had pointed out that the NASDAQ had a gap to fill and support at the wedge, would it hold?

NAZ 3-31

This is the chart from the close Wednesday...

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