Update : CPE March 18

Buying CPE @ $6.60 has paid off rather nicely . The CPE update here http://www.chartfreak.com/2014/03/13/cpe/#more-95  showed that the set up was still bullish as it then traded near $8.00. Yesterday & Today it traded around $9...whats next... CPE UPDATE MARCH 18   Read More

GDXJ 4 hr chart

GDXJ has broken inside the triangle on increasing volume, using a 4hr chart . (Click to enlarge) More downside would seem likely  (Especially a close inside)


I've been asked what I see with the selling in GDXJ / GDX today. - I can view it in a few different ways, so lets start with the daily -( Is it just a simple "test" of the break out & 10sma ?) GDXJ  daily  March 17   Read More