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Hello again. I published 34 chart setup and trade idea’s earlier today to Premium members.  Consider a membership for just the cost of a few trade commissions per month.  It really does not get any more affordable than this service.  See your options here:


SPX – it was assumed that we would turn higher here. A low risk long trade.

SPX 6-9

SPX – this was the follow through as of yesterday, and its still oversold.  As of this afternoon…higher still.

SPX 6-10


$NATGAS–  great move and nice volume. This  trade is paying off well in UGAZ



Here are a few interesting set ups-


Check out  URG, URZ, UEC, URRE, DNN, and UUUU   ( Uraniums)


BOX–  the reason this is such an explosive set up is that its new ( minimal overhead sellers) , and has a solid floor near $17 where buyers step in.  This can be explosive and run fast without resistance on the left side of the chart



Just a couple of recent Set ups that followed through-


GALT JUNE 8- looking for a break higher,  Volume was swelling


GALT 2 days later

GALT 6-10


NQ – I love long bases with a volume POP.  STUDY THAT BASE, it was NOT always fun.  like SFY, GDP, NADL, etc…it was prone to sell off.


NQ 2

VDSK-  Triangle pattern from  April.  Buy the break out  ($24)


VDSI –  $28  June 3, and now this pattern is bullishly aligned


DSKX –  has double again in 6 days since that June 1 drop.  The Lesson for us  starts earlier on ?

DSKX 6-10


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