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I posted a premium report pre-market, this is a portion of it for your trading enjoyment, some editing has been done to update it too 🙂


Charts – Charts – Charts!  It’s Friday, the last trading day of the week, so I just wanted to post a few charts instead of the usual full report .   Just for ‘Friday trading’ or building a watch-list.   I am not talking about buying and holding for a month,  some  traders dont even like to hold over the weekend with Greece and other geopolitical issues out there.  Buy one or two , or put these on your watch list to possibly buy a pull back .  We had reversals yesterday in OIL & Metals , they  can be quite trade-able.   I bought as mentioned in the chat / comments area, but is it long term or short?   Just a quick trade or more?    I’ll discuss that this weekend.    On to the charts …

$WTIC-  small bounce or lows?

WTIC 5-28

What about NATGAS?…


Many were saying how brutal yesterday was, but I actually have been expecting more selling

EDIT: NATGAS  has since dropped to  $2.66



The XLE ( And a few Energy Stocks) look pretty good here




In the weekend report I will discuss more about  Energy and Metals/Miners , but there were a number of interesting looking reversals , as mentioned in our chat / comments section . Stops are being run and buyers are stepping into the fear,  I love that for short term trading signals.


I liked the look of the reversal in CDE , BVN, and a few others mentioned in yesterdays premium report.



With the SILVER C.O.T. report,  one may want to look at the WKLY CDE  and wait for a break out.  The bigger picture.

CDE wkly


For TRADERS:  YOU CANNOT BUY ALL OF THESE, THESE ARE JUST SET UPS THAT OUR TRADERS MAY BE INTERESTED IN. Choose 1 or 2? Put some that interest you on a watch list? These are trade ideas.

I like MDR on a weekly and daily.

EDIT: currently up on lightish volume. It may consolidate further before breaking out



FMSA – good set up






TUBE – has more upside I.M.O.










EDIT: Since the post , earnings has knocked FRO back to its 50sma.  To the watch list with it 




I was asked a while ago about long term ‘buy & hold’.  I mentioned   NKE, UA, and ULTA  in retail as long as markets remain bullish. 

ULTA – still a healthy chart, looks like it could break out




CLNE-  we have waited patiently for this pull back.  Is it ready now?  Its a low risk entry , put your stop  just below that 50sma  (I would use a loose stop) .  See also  PEIX as a good set up.



Enjoy your Friday trading and I will have a weekend report that discusses the various sectors and the crazy week of activity that we had on this holiday shortened trading week. As always,  thank you for being here!




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