This is a Friday update on the Precious Metals Sector

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Is It Really Moving?

Sometimes things are moving so slowly that you can't believe that they are even moving at all. Well, We've seen this in the Precious Metals Sector over the past few days, but with the release of the Fed Minutes Wednesday, that just might change.

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A Balanced View

It's a holiday week in the U.S., and Monday didn't bring much in the way of change since the weekend report.   On Wednesday we do have the release of the Fed Minutes however, and that may be the catalyst that we are looking for in one area. 🙂 To the charts...


SPX - The S&P broke to new highs. I was thinking that it will take a rest, but have you seen the IWM? It looked similar to the S&P now, but it is just continuing higher each day. We may pull back soon, but it is also possible that light holiday trading may just keep it floating higher ( See the IWM). If that happens, it may be on the following week that we see a consolidation or a pullback.

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