In last weeks reports, I was pointing out the things that were moving and really catching my interest.  Lets review and see how things played out and what that can mean going forward.

SPX WKLY - We had a very high volume sell off & reversal this week.  The last 2 stand outs had 2 different immediate reactions.  Aug 2011 just went sideways for weeks, while Oct 2014 recovered strongly. 

SPX WKLY 8 28  

Which one is likely here, or is there another possibility? ...

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The Fat Pitch

I wanted to post tonight because the action today was excellent.  I think we may be getting  the FAT PITCH that traders wait for all year. Lets take a look...

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It’s Not A Straight line

We all know that the markets don't move in a straight line, and lately the volatility has made the path to successful investing a bit trickier. At times it is best to get a longer term view of where things are headed, so the wiggles or shake ups don't knock us off course. Lets look at some charts.

SPX - This summer I was looking for that drop in the markets.

SPX 7-26  crash coming

The question is , is it done?

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