Hey, it did happen a few yrs ago, but now that I have your attention 🙂  I need to review something in the GOLD - SILVER -  MINERS section of this report.  First a quick review of the markets.

As expected , Follow through in the DJIA, SPX, NASDAQ, etc

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When the markets are volatile and choppy, it can be difficult to buy and hold a position for anything more than a day or two. We have had some very choppy markets lately.  The good news is that the current  set up that I am seeing in the markets currently may provide an opportunity to 'SHOP'  with  a little less "CHOP".

SPX - The blue lines point to the type of run I think we will see. We may have a pause or two, but I expect higher prices.

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This report covers a lot, especially when we get to the precious metals - Gold, Silver, & Miners part, so lets just get right into it.


SPX - It has been a very volatile market, but let me discuss why I am getting signs of a meaningful trade-able low  here (or very soon). 

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