The Friday Illusion Again?

Nov 21, 2014   Freaky Friday  6:00A.M. Will they sell Metals off?  Will they buy it back?  Will Metals break out higher going into the weekend, when less people are likley to BUY & HOLD ? Its hard to know exactly what we will see, but lately Fridays have been exciting in the Metals markets,  so  I got up at 5 a.m. today to see if the Friday shenanigans that occurred in Gold the past 2 Fridays would return.  So far, it seems likely.   Well, if you've read my prior reports, then you know what I am looking for at the end of Friday on the weekly charts, so I will just touch on a few things here and then take a look at a couple of other interesting chart developments elsehwere.  First- this is the "SNAPSHOT" I woke up to...   whats your first thought? 5 30 a.m. It looks like another dollar rally coming , and a Gold slam down, but notice this ....   Read More


Nov 20,2014  (also known as The Day After )  Well, Never a dull moment of a Fed Day, huh? Some have written and asked if "Lock out" is out of the way now. I would say no. It may be even more of a Lock Out I cannot imagine that this "SHAKEOUT" was bought by many either. We had a shake out below that critical $1179 area and it again recovered. Did any buy? I know 2 of my readers wrote that he / she bought (knowing in advance that a shake out could happen).  THAT was brave! I imagine that MORE people grabbed DUST, went short , or bailed out. Some wrote and told me that they were advised to add to DUST by other letter writers.   Let me show you how I walk through this roller-coaster ride. did GOLD react? Charts below.   AUDIO LINK   click here, click download/ click "OPEN"  - return to follow charts GOLD  FOR PERSPECTIVE-  The whole story so far GOLD NOV 20 Amazing how "Orderly" that chart looks in Hindsight, isnt it? so...   Read More


Nov 19,  Wednesday    Well, Fed minutes, thats always fun!  Why?  Whatever you see happen this morning may be undone by the close.  Or subtle moves may become explosive moves, and I mean in either direction, right?  So Today I'm just doing a this report  to point out a couple of things of interest. Likely you noticed that We have been discussing Metals and Miners a lot lately. That is  because I have wanted to walk you through a day by day bottoming process and show you what I look for. It isnt reassuring to just hear someone say "GO LONG" and you blindly jump in only to get knocked back out. This way we have now already discussed important areas to watch and with the fed minutes we are prepared for any volatility that may follow. I also want to point out a couple of other interesting areas , so lets hit a couple of charts. I will start with reminders to prepare us for Fed Minutes. To hear AUDIO    click here / Then click 'download', then click OPEN . when U hear audio - return to follow the charts here GOLD NOV 7 - Pre mkt I saw a shake out in real time, so  I pointed out an important part of the "Shake Out"  was to recover June 2013 lows of $1179 again on a weekly basis, using this chart in the weekend report. GOLD WKLY   After days of volatility  , we see that... Read More