Do Not Be Afraid- Be Alert

November 5 2014  9:40 a.m.    I was NOT going to write today, but when I saw GOLD near $1140 , I knew that it was a Possible final price low target of mine. I did not KNOW or even THINK that it would have to get there, but when I look at charts I always try to get all the possibilities of "Where might this be going?"  $1140 was one weekly target.  Today GOLD hit $1138 and reversed...IS THIS THE LOWS?    OBVIOUSLY -  NO ONE IS SCREAMING "BUY" right now (so it could be ).  When everyone is afraid, the odds are higher.  Take a look with me, and definitely sit on your hands for now....but this is one more thing to look for.  What you are about to see is for paying subscribers only...But since this site is free-WOOOHOOO!    Enjoy and start tracking it. GOLD this morning GOLD NOV 5   The BLOGS are lighting up  "GET SHORT FOR THE FINAL PLUNGE TO $1000!!"      Read More

Early Beginnings

November 4,2014               I posted this weekend that in the extremes that we were seeing in the Metals / Miners sell off, I am actually looking for the "CROWD" to be wrong. I expect that we could see a reversal and just advised that one ought to be on the look out for a possible "Shake out".    To identify one...I start to look for any "Signs Of Life".  I don't get TOOOOOOO  excited over the early beginnings, but I stay alert to the idea that if a big change could happen, maybe some signs of life  could start popping up?   To the charts...  <----------Click link to listen / click 'download' / click "open" - return here and follow along 1.  GOLD was down today,   one "Sign of life"  was  AU   AU   Ok...Lets all Pile into NUGT now & enjoy the ride!!!   Oh wait-  lets not. One sprout  doesnt mean we have a flower garden. Lets look for more signs of life...   Read More


NOV 3 2014     GOLD & MINERS are at the mercy of the Bears.  Since Breaking to new lows, many articles are now pointing out that all support is broken and its a LONG WAY DOWN.  I am now reading that  we are so close to 1000, that a good FLUSH  could cause it to give way to $800.    In my last report I mentioned that I heard something similar in the XLE as it broke to new recent lows and broke support too.  Many wrote that  it could crash down   ( Those alerts / articles  were loudest right before a strong reversal).    AUDIO-  (click the link, click  download , click open and return hereto follow along)   Metals link click here I drew this chart on OCT 10  (Click to enlarge) . Honestly-  I was getting extreme sell off readings and  I DID NOT EXPECT IT TO BREAK SUPPORT,  but it has.  I thought instead that we might get a trade able bounce and then possibly TEST support?       Please use the audio, it saves me time.   HUI 1 WAY So now that Support has been broken, is it a bottomless pit? Lets look closer.     Read More