Under Various Circumstances

What happens if I am conditioned to see an egg sink in water, and then I see one float?  I think that I would want to try to understand what the difference is.  What has caused this change.  Sometimes in the markets we also get accustomed to seeing something occur, but when the opposite happens, I like to try to understand what has changed. We'll discuss this later in this report, for now...

The SPX has broken to new highs! If this pattern plays out, it has room to run.

SPX 5-19  

Look at this next chart below ,  and compare it with the SPX.  I posted this April 29 and you saw what happened

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Running With The Bulls?

The  DJIA, SPX and NASDAQ have basically been in a sideways move through most of 2015, as seen in the chart below.  Despite the sideways action, there have been many Bullish set ups and even Bullish action in some of the beaten down sectors . The good news is that it doesn't look like it is about to end now. Lets look at some charts and discuss this further...

DJIA-  Jan -May was rather sideways


We have discussed sideways consolidations in the past and how they can lead to some nice trending moves when they finally break free...

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If you're a premium reader here, then you know what we've been getting a little excited about, even wondering out loud if it's possible that ...???  Well,  We'll get to that in a minute,  first lets discuss a few other charts   : )

SPX - When this consolidation breaks, the move should last for a while

SPX 5-13  

The NASDAQ looks a little different...

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Are There Storms On The Horizon?

As I have discussed in previous reports,  I am seeing some really bullish set ups in some Sectors, and some interesting moves in other sectors, but  still I have to wonder if there could be future storms rolling in within the equity markets?   Lets look at some charts...

The NASDAQ re-gained the 50sma, but is still weakish.  Look at that MACD.  We need a burst higher soon.

NAZ 5-12

Lets look at the SPX...

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Not much changed from The weekend report to now, so lets quickly review the mkts and then review a couple of trade set ups...

For the NASDAQ-   I have been showing a bearish wedge, and I pointed out how they occasionally can consolidate & turn bullish like in this  2011-2013 wedge. I shared this chart

NASDAQ 5-8 3rd  

Lets look at the SPX currently

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I am seeing a lot of Triangles forming in the markets, some bullish by nature and others bearish.  Lets take a look and review the past week and look forward to a few ideas too...

I posted this WKLY NASDAQ in a mid-week report on MAY 6.  Could it recover?

QQQ 5-6 wkly  

Amazing.  It recovered by week end.

NASDAQ 5-8 wkly

Lets look at some other triangles and wedges...

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6:30 a.m. Eastern time :  I collected most of the Charts for todays report last night.  I thought to myself that like I wrote in the weekend report,   it looks like we are seeing some Big Picture changes lately.  I awoke this morning to Futures down quite a bit and that makes the charts you are bout to see all the more interesting. We all know that when you wake up to Futures down, the day can reverse and still close green and visa versa, but take a look at where we are , and you'll see that things look quite interesting.

I like to start with the previous days chart, so here is the Nasdaq from Tuesday. Breaking down?


SO what happened Wednesday? Oh yes, it wasnt a FED WEDNESDAY, but The Fed did say something in an interview  that shook the markets a bit more...

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Healthy Pullbacks

As mentioned recently in a prior report,  The Markets seem to breath in and out with human interaction.  They can Ebb & Flow like the ocean, and  some pullbacks can be very healthy , giving the upward move more energy to break above resistance.  The picture above shows the idea of a pullback that has done its job. SO in this report I wanted to discuss certain pullbacks that can be buying opportunities, and of course there are some that aren't. Lets do  a market review...

NASDAQ- This was my chart for yesterday, I mentioned that a pullback usually occurred with the little move that we saw on Monday. It too could be a healthy little pullback.


So we did dip yesterday,  lets take a look...

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Quick Note

Note to subscribers:

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Little Changes

Not a whole lot has changed since the weekend report, but we can review the little changes that took place and see if it changes anything in our big picture outlook.


NASDAQ may 1- The Wedge pattern still had wiggle room


You can see on the next chart that on Monday there were minor changes...

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