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TUESDAY SEPT 23, 2014   Just wanted to share just a few quick snapshots of some what I am watching lately.


ZNGA - Chart from yesterday, but its the same today. Tight stop below 50sma  (Thx Cheri)




 More charts ....


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Here Again

Monday Sept 22, 2014   HERE AGAIN...once we look at a few possible  "Set ups"  lining up as possible buy opportunities or we actually take a position, we always have to re-examine our positions.  Why? The Markets change daily and we  just want to  make sure that we are still in a good place.    Did I get stopped out?  If so, I like to see if the set up is broken entirely or is it possibly still setting up, maybe I was a tad early?   At this point I re-read my last report (s)...yes, some things have changed , some became STRONGER, some looking WEAKER. Overall, however, I still get excited looking at the break outs on these LONG BASES!  For the sake of time and sanity - I am just going to mention a few from the past, and try to point out a few more I like. To The Charts!


VIMC - Oh how I loved this base! In at $3+ and again at $5 ... Posted this weekly a while back




VIMC  just kept improving and I sold some near $6.40, but as it exploded higher with Strong volume , I re-bought  as it was rising above $7.00  near $7.10  (the amount that I re-bought was only 1/2 than what I had sold near $6.40) above $7  . Now what has it done?


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Climbing That Wall Of Worry (And Hanging On)

QUICK UPDATE -  The last report(s) are still valid, but I wanted to add a few thoughts.

First - Some work was being done on the website & a few got an email alert  saying a new report was posted.  It was a "Test" and I apologize for the confusion. That alert was not meant to be sent.  If ever in doubt...Do you see the RED chartfreak box at the top left of the website ...click it and it will always take you to the home page & most recent post.

Second: my last report discussed the reward of BUYING THE DIP. This was the same day following that report (Yes, we still have FED WED ahead, but so far so good). Good volume on a reversal,so far.


QQQ sept 16


I am writing and posting this picture, because if you have been following my reports for the last few weeks, you know that I was buying VIMC around $3.75, and then trading it.  I also have been calling for some "GIANTS" to POP UP and with VIMC earnings, I did feel that this one is a candidate. You also know that....


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What Has Payed Off Best In A Bull Market?

Tuesday Sept 16 , 2014  There was a time that I HATED pullbacks in the Markets. Many years ago I thought something might be wrong when Markets sold off.  CNBC would tell me that it was because of "THIS" and "THAT" , and there was no end in sight to "THOSE THINGS".  I worried that the sell offs would gain momentum and people would panic out leaving me with losses. Come to think of it, back then it did kind of work that way, but thats mainly because of WHEN I bought, and DIDNT SELL.  15 years later , and  in this recent  Bull Market, I love the Pull backs.  They have been great buying opportunities, and while the Bull Market can end at any time (and  you'll need to reassess and change your strategy then) for the past few years,  "BUY THE DIPS" has been the best way to make $$.  If you've been watching stocks rip higher and Higher day after day and then jumped in after they've been up 5 days in a row - you realize that 'BUY THE DIPS, SELL THE RIPS' is a good strategy.

  As a reminder, I posted a chart last SEPT 5th of the SPX, showing what  I watch for.  Here is an Updated one .   Notice  we repeatedly run up, often go sideways, then dip...often to the 50sma or 125 in bigger corrections.   Where are we now ?


SPX sept 16


There is one thing that may be of concern. The FED is discussing possibly raising rates sooner then later and how will the MKT perceive that?  Notice in the above chart that the SPX has basically gone straight up lately....

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…Continued Part 2 – REFLECTIONS

...CONTINUED PART 2 -  I just spent 3 hrs writing part 2 and lost it when my laptop shut down & auto installed updates!  Deep inside I actually feel down-hearted & though I'm pretty mild tempered, I am feeling a little of this right now. ARGH!

I have to start over  (  Thankfully all the charts are saved, just the Writing , explaining, & organizing of this report remains). Unfortunately  I have less time, so Its likely going to be a little more hurried.

I simply started by mentioning that in Part 1 of this report and in my past 2 report, all of the strong action displayed by the stocks discussed  (see the report GIANTS AMONG US) happened, not while the NASDAQ, QQQ, SPX, RUT, IWM , etc were rocketing higher, but while they were going sideways. Those stocks have been exploding on Good Earnings Reports.  I also pointed out that SPX, DJIA , RUT, IWM are at all time highs, but the Nasdaq isnt...(YET).  If it is trying to play catch up here...I have to wonder if it'll just continue on this somewhat parabolic path?




Anyways ,  I wanted to review some more of those LONG BASE SET UPS that are breaking out and also a few other set ups.  

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WEEKEND UPDATE SEPT 13, 2014   I wanted to just go back over the ideas / trades that I have been posting in the past few weeks.  Most have had great success really, some obviously more than others, (Yes a few failed & broke down , namely WEAT, CORN, DBA & GDXJ but we weren't buying those yet until they proved themselves- and they tanked). By examining past trades & thinking, and re-examining what the "Set up" was that lead to those gains, we benefit.   How?   As I wrote in the last 2 reports entitled 'GIANTS AMONG US' and 'TRADERS PARADISE' - these set ups are still forming and even trades already mentioned and future ones that I will point out are still valid. The "traders Paradise"  does not appear to be over. I have gone over tons of charts this a.m. and I know in advance that this will be my longest report to date, so I am going to try to be 'brief in words' and 'long in charts'. Feel free to ask questions in the 'comments' section if my brevity leaves out something you need to know.   SO LETS REVIEW...To The Charts!!!

I got a Tweet asking , Why didn't you cover Gold stocks in UR last report...

Here is why , I last posted this in August ...



Did it Fail at the "Test" of the 50sma as mentioned?  Yes...


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Traders Paradise

Friday Sept 12, 2014  -  It is a traders Paradise out there! There are so many proper looking "Set ups" and what can be considered 'Low Risk Entries', that its hard to choose where to allocate funds and how long to stay in the trade.  Of course, we always want to be aware of the general market conditions and stay alert, because a strong correction will draw down even the best companies, but as I showed in my last report...the markets have been acting correctly in this long uptrend, and there are great trades and even many Giants to be born after each pullback. This week , every morning the futures are red, and by the days end, buyers reverse that, so we are currently going sideways , consolidating gains, while many stocks break out & run higher. For the sake of time, I am just going to show a few nice trade set ups, then I may briefly follow up with some of my other trade ideas from past reports. 


Record sales reported for RADNET.




More charts....


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Giants Among Us

September 8 , 2014   There are Giants among us indeed.  Have you seen any?  In my last report I mentioned a few (see  DGLY, JRJC,HGSH, etc) and today (Now Tonight- I tried to finish this report Earlier today, but it didnt happen) That question remains even more valid, they are popping up more & more. As you will see, the question is not only  "Have you seen any Giants?" but "Can I catch a Giant?". It is absolutely a traders paradise out there.  Before we get to that, let me discuss the Markets . These charts are from this weekend when I intended to write this, and since most are long term charts, I will still use them- nothing has changed.

Originally I wanted to point out that as these markets break to new highs, they also simply consolidate, pullback , run higher...basically "Do their thing" in an uptrend. Nothing really too unusual thus far, but within these markets, some equities are growing up in a GIANT way.  Beaten down stocks with Strong earnings are taking off like Rockets on the launch pad.  It makes me wonder, are we going to just see a blow off parabola , irrational exuberance stage in the markets eventually too? I cant tell here yet, notice here how the markets themselves just seem to be acting normally.




And on this chart of the SPX , each pullback so far...despite Geopolitical concerns , The Fed, Dragi and so on, are normal retracements in an uptrend...


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Still Running FAST

SEPT 2, 2014    Many equities were breaking from good bases this summer and some of these equities mentioned in the last report are STILL running fast!   Look at charts of HGSH & DGLY for example. These types of runs leave most behind because you just cant jump into a stock that has run up 100- 500% without risking losing your shirt.   You can set up a watchlist and look to possible buy retracements later  (Patience is required here, but it is important to wait for a lower risk set up). In my last report, I also mentioned that I had various watch lists with similar set ups  to those already running strong, but before they broke out.   It is best to know when they have earnings reports coming out and watch how they respond AFTER the release. One such stock mentioned last week was RALY.  Earnings were due, will it RALLY?  It was at $9.80 & had a bullish pattern that looked like this ...




Next Chart: Earnings were released on Thursday Aug 28  , and Friday it looked like this as a possible ISLAND BOTTOM...


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AUG 25, 2014             Oh, I'm sorry, those are crazy small cats in the picture, but have you seen some of the CRAZY SMALL CAPS?  Rather explosive moves have been occurring  in many small caps like  LEJU, JRJC, HGSH, DGLY, KNDI, MOBI, DANG, after experiencing rather steep sell offs. As mentioned in my last report, I have been very busy this August, so while I did catch a couple of these baby rocket-ships early on due to their "Set ups"   (Leju & JRJC) ...I also have been forced to sell way too soon.  JRJC was sold at $8 for example, and They are still running nicely. They have left me behind after I sold them.  The point that I am making here, however, is that certain 'set ups' after a steep sell off can indicate a possible explosive move is coming and those were just a few examples.  IF THERE ARE MORE currently setting up that have not exploded upwards yet...there may be opportunity for more Low Risk Entries prior to a nice POP (I cant re-enter the above mentioned unless they pullback).


First lets review a few things in various Markets...




When the markets sell off, you hear all kinds of warnings, but it has been buying opportunities as the selling became overdone.


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