With all of the detailed daily reports pointing out just about everything there is to look for, I like the weekend report to usually just be more of a big picture look at what happened over the past week and what we can expect going forward.  Well, there is just too much that stands out to me at this time, so I will cover the bigger picture and some of the smaller details too.


SPX - I understand the "buy the dips' Theme in a bull market, but is every dip being bought profitable or easy to buy & hold? This week we saw a market slam down on Thursday, and Friday had a small reversal.  Was that 'Buy the dip" on Friday? Notice June 12th.


The timing on June 12th for that slam was also similar to this past weeks slam, and price went sideways to lower for 4 weeks into a dcl. ( Each 5 candles is a week of trading). Buying that dip made no money for  weeks actually.


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July 28th – Bungee Markets

We all watched the markets slam down quickly mid day on Thursday, and then they rebounded back a bit as the day went on.  Bungee Markets are not all that fun to ride, so let's take a look at our Thursday trading...

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We did see a Bullish reaction in Gold immediately following the Fed decision, so let's take a look at a few charts...

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FED WEDNESDAY JULY 26- Don’t Count Your…

Well, it doesn't hurt to look for clues and be prepared, right?  We will do that today...

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What’s New? July 25th

We have an FOMC Meeting this Wednesday, and the weekend report covered a lot of the general markets and various sectors expectations.  With that in mind, we will review a few of the things that took place on Monday, and then I will point out a few more stock picks...


WTIC JULY 21 - From the weekend report I pointed out that Wednesday with the inventory report, Oil broke over the 50sma.  This was bullish, an then it plunged 2 days later back below the 50sma.  I said that  I will be watching for this trend line to support the drop, for it to remain bullish.


WTIC JULY 24 - Well how about that! Let's see if Oil can get back over that 50sma.

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SPX - This could be a swing high, but we also saw this type pf action 5 days ago, didn't we. Also we see that Friday ended as a reversal higher, so a confirmed swing high would need to drop below  2460, at this point.


SXP WEEKLY - The SPX Longer term chart is at an area that has been toppy in the past.  It can just keep climbing, or drop into an overdue ICL, so trailing stops should remain in place.

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Today is Friday and this week has seen a lot of trades setting up and following through.  Let's take a look at some of the action...

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Things are really stacking up for traders and investors now. As mentioned in prior reports, and proven true on a day to day basis, Metals, Energy, Solar stocks, Precious Metals, and more are all signaling good things to come.  Let's get right into it...


NASDAQ - The NASDAQ has moved higher for 9 straight days.  It even gapped open on Wednesday. We got a 'safer buy signal' on the move out of the lows above the 50sma last week, so...

If you entered TQQQ you are up 11% in 8 days. Not bad for a fairly safer trade.

I do want to mention 1 thing though....

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Wednesday July 19


SPX - Going long the break out is still working with a loose trailing stop, after this long sideways consolidation. The SPX held the 50sma in the recent drop.

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Just Take A Look

For more than a month now, following weeks of choppiness and sell offs,  I've been pointing out some nice set ups in various sectors. We are now seeing decent trades and some follow through, so today I want to point out an area that I think we all should take a look at...

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