Ideas To Share

Since calling the lows in NATGAS recently,  it has run straight up. I was asked if I had any idea what may happen next.  Lets take a look at this and a few other ideas for the last trading day of 2015.


Review: This was NATGAS at the lows. I thought we could buy a pullback, possibly on a dip at the 20sma.

NATGAS 12-21

The short covering was too strong. NATGAS went straight up to almost $2.40!.  Nice move.  I pointed out the 50sma as a possible support, and it held yesterday, but let me share 1 more idea.

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A new year Approaches

As this trading year wraps up, I plan on using the weekend report to discuss some ideas of what we may expect in 2016. We have 2 trading days left this week and then it's on to 2016. Lets review what the charts are saying...

DJIA - So far the Dow has made lower highs since May. We are at resistance and may drop back down to the lower support.  If this breaks out and runs to the blue dotted line, it will be the first set of higher highs. 

DJIA 12-29

There are several interesting things to look at here...

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In Search Of A Catalyst

If you are wondering why I chose the above picture, I'll explain that later. Right now we have the markets in limbo, Natgas on Fire , and Precious Metals seem to be searching for a catalyst .  Lets do a review...


NYA - I thought it was interesting that the NYSE looks a tad more bullish than than the SPX or NASDAQ short term. It had a MACD cross higher 2 days ago, while the SPX doesn't  (yet).  It almost resembles a bullhorn pattern.

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 Over the past 2 months I have received one specific question about Gold , Silver, and Miners often enough to know that it's important to the readers here. Even though I answered that question in separate emails, I have already done the homework, so why not share it here in the weekend report to benefit everyone?  First, a market review...


SPX - This is the area that I have been pointing out for the markets to prove themselves.


Now a look at the SPX WKLY chart...

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Looking Forward

I'm actually looking forward to the weekend report.  This week is playing out as anticipated for the most part, so this weekend I will point out some more of the bigger picture things that I have been looking at. 


SPX - This climb is heading towards some resistance. We have Wednesday and a 1/2 day Thursday, do you think this will be able to break out higher on a 1/2 day of light volume holiday trading?   Hmmm?

SPX 12-22

Look at this weekly chart of the SPX ...

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Another Slow Week Ahead?

The holiday week has many people checking out early and preparing to spend time with families.  That means that this can be a week of slow trading, but that can also set things up for the next directional moves when traders return to work. Lets see what happened on Monday...


SPX - Bounce today.  Will it blast off higher? See the wkend report. 

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Digging Deeper

This is one of those weekend reports were there was a need to dip deeper and investigate several areas of the markets.  Why? In the last report you may recall that I discussed how the recent trading reminded me of riding the White Water Rapids. For example the SPX was up about 75 points for 3 days heading into the Fed Mtg, and then it dropped down about 70 points for  the next 2 days.  Gold rallied with the Fed Wednesday , sold off Thursday, and rebounded Friday.  Is there a waterfall ahead, or will this river smooth out?  Lets dig in for clues as to what may lie ahead.


SPX - I posted this wkly chart to show 'weakness' in the indicators that I was using. This would indicate that more downside was likely. 

SPX 12-17 wkly

Take a good look at this chart of the SPX.  Later in this report I will explain why it is important...

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White Water Rafting

If you have never been white water rafting and wondered what it would be like, you just experienced it if you have a position in the markets. Quickly climbing up one white wall and then splashing down the other side, it gets tough to hold on and tough to navigate. One cold splash after another, sometimes people are even tossed off.  That may not be a bad thing, because when rafting in uncharted areas, there may or may not be an unseen huge drop off up ahead. Lets take a look at the markets, and I'll point out what I see.


Note :  Today is Quadruple Witching. We will probably have some high volume moves today.

SPX WKLY - The weekly chart broke back below 2 key support areas and the blue line needs to hold here at 2000.

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Whats Ahead?

We finally got an interest rate hike out of one of the 2015 Fed Meetings.  It appears that various market sectors  seemed to like what they saw. Lets review...


SPX - The SPX looks Bullish, but I do want to share both a bullish and also a bearish version.

SPX 12-16

This is the bearish version...

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Is It Fed Wednesday Again?

On a day like today it feels like there is so much to say, yet what can be said? Lets do something a little different today.  lets look at what happened on OCT 28, the last Fed Mtg.


SPX- After Janet finished speaking, the SPX closed higher (Red Arrow). It paused for 2 days, and then had 2 more up days and that was The Top. That Fed Wednesday was exciting, but it was rather short lived when you look back at it.


This is interesting...

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