Am I Comfortable In Shorts Here?

Nov 23  Weekend report (Sunday 5 p.m.)  Someone asked me to let them know when I'm comfortable shorting the Gold/Silver market in the next few days, especially since The $USD Popped Friday.   I'm glad you asked! While there always may be some 'short term' success in a short position from day to day... I still  believe that it will end badly for stubborn shorts in the next few weeks.  If you have been reading my reports for the past 2 weeks then  you know what my thinking has been.  Not only does it remain the same, but I believe we could get an accelerated move upside after a few minor dips in the coming weeks and I would NOT want to be caught in shorts out in those waters.  Let me show you why... Recall that In this  Friday  Nov 7th report here -    ( And the following  wkend report)  I called the GOLD lows Pre-Market. ( Audio link here : Nov 23 wkend report Click the link, click "Download"  then click "OPEN" & return here to follow along ) SO 2 weeks later, with those LOWS still in place, I want you to note this $GOLD / $USD CHART last May 2014 :   GOLDS MAY LOWS Once the GOLD lows were in, In MAY the dollar popped and GOLD resisted. DID you notice that on Friday this week the $USD popped, and $GOLD went up too? Notice also on the above chart  what Going short on a reversal after the lows lead to pain.  Also ...   Read More

The Friday Illusion Again?

Nov 21, 2014   Freaky Friday  6:00A.M. Will they sell Metals off?  Will they buy it back?  Will Metals break out higher going into the weekend, when less people are likley to BUY & HOLD ? Its hard to know exactly what we will see, but lately Fridays have been exciting in the Metals markets,  so  I got up at 5 a.m. today to see if the Friday shenanigans that occurred in Gold the past 2 Fridays would return.  So far, it seems likely.   Well, if you've read my prior reports, then you know what I am looking for at the end of Friday on the weekly charts, so I will just touch on a few things here and then take a look at a couple of other interesting chart developments elsehwere.  First- this is the "SNAPSHOT" I woke up to...   whats your first thought? 5 30 a.m. It looks like another dollar rally coming , and a Gold slam down, but notice this ....   Read More


Nov 20,2014  (also known as The Day After )  Well, Never a dull moment of a Fed Day, huh? Some have written and asked if "Lock out" is out of the way now. I would say no. It may be even more of a Lock Out I cannot imagine that this "SHAKEOUT" was bought by many either. We had a shake out below that critical $1179 area and it again recovered. Did any buy? I know 2 of my readers wrote that he / she bought (knowing in advance that a shake out could happen).  THAT was brave! I imagine that MORE people grabbed DUST, went short , or bailed out. Some wrote and told me that they were advised to add to DUST by other letter writers.   Let me show you how I walk through this roller-coaster ride. did GOLD react? Charts below.   AUDIO LINK   click here, click download/ click "OPEN"  - return to follow charts GOLD  FOR PERSPECTIVE-  The whole story so far GOLD NOV 20 Amazing how "Orderly" that chart looks in Hindsight, isnt it? so...   Read More